Plymouth State University, New Hampshire

The Making of an Entrepreneurial University: Plymouth State University

Over Winter and Spring 2019, I have released part by part a series of posts about how a regional comprehensive university can accelerate campus-wide growth of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout all disciplines. Part 1 is the abstract and summary. In Part 2, we recount the history of Plymouth State University and outline its innovative and novel learning model. We review the structural problems that forced PSU to launch an audacious experiment, a university-wide learning model based on Innovation & Entrepreneurship and on Integrated Clusters. Part 3 examines PSU’s opportunity to become a more enterprising institution drawing upon cross-disciplinary programs with diverse missions.… Read the rest

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Build a Makerspace so Young People Can Learn How to ‘Pretotype’

A makerspace is a physical space where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network and build a pretotype. Makerspaces provide tools and space in a community – a library, a community center, a private organization or a school. Expert advisors may be available but beginners often receive help from other users enter the mind of a design entrepreneur.

entreVersity Prof Frederick
Students love to configure stuff. Here she's setting up a Raspberry Pi.
Students love to configure stuff. Here she’s setting up a Raspberry Pi.

This is a wonderful course about how to build a ‘makerspace’ for young design entrepreneurs. It’s all about making pretotypes (pretend Read the rest

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New Hampshire Speed Venture Pitch Contest September 26

Image Winners of PSU Panther Pitch
Winners of PSU Panther Pitch 2019. Noah Fiske, advisor Prof Howard Frederick, Morgan Schmit, PSU Panther Pitch winners for “FreightFarm eliminates Food Deserts in New Hampshire”.

@PlymouthState has some great venture ideas. I know because I have seen many of them in Freshman Seminar and in my Entrepreneurship classes. Finally, we are getting the attention and support that entrepreneurs crave through PSU’s university-based entrepreneurship ecosystem. @PlymouthState.Enactus student entrepreneurship club even won the President’s award this year! If you know of any PSU business, social, or environmental ventures that need exposure through this Pitch Contest, please let them know.

Bringing together New Hampshire’s early-stage growth companies, regional investors, and tech influencers.

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Design Thinking: Career Skills that Students Need to Thrive in the New Workplace

entreVersity writes: WEF says that by 2022 AI will destroy 75m jobs while at the same time creating 133m jobs. That’s real churn!! To keep their careers safe, our students have to master three career skills that robots cannot master: critical thinking, storytelling, and design thinking. These are precisely the skills in @PlymouthState ‘s new TIDE program: Transformative Innovation & Design Entrepreneurship. Ask better questions. Communicate like a human. Creativity driven by empathy. “No wonder design thinking is already one of the most in-demand job skills, even described by Microsoft as a key skill of the future,” says Darren Menabney of @GLOBIS_Insights #empathy #CriticalThinking #Robotics #designthinking

Skills currency—the idea that our skills must always be up to date—is a necessity for business professionals.

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Experiential Entrepreneurship Training: How it Benefits All Students

Happy Student learning through experiential entrepeneurship
Student at Monterrey Institute of Technology with his designed wallet

entreVersity writes: Matt Gibson is the Director of Educational Programs at the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. More of Gibson’s experiential entrepreneurship exercises and assessments are available here.  Gibson explains Michigan’s best practice in helping students with self-discovery through entrepreneurship by sparking new ideas, learning by doing and Hands-On Entrepreneurial Experience. They help students find their own personal entrepreneurship ecosystem. Can you apply design thinking to the ‘wicked problem’ of designing your own life? Yes, you can. After all, design thinking starts with re-framing how you view yourself in the world.

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Return on Investment from Design Thinking Can Be Huge –Forrester

entreVersity writes: Design Thinkers often confront a skeptical management. So Forrester created a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) model to empower design thinking practitioners with the tools and vernacular needed to quantify their efforts as well as to form a compelling business case for the practice. The synthesized results project a median per-project return on investment of 229%, with three-quarters of projects doubling their investment or more. Examined at an organizational level, a mature design thinking practice can achieve a return on investment ROI between 71% and 107%, based on a consistent series of inputs and outputs.

The model examines design thinking’s financial impact.

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Why Criticism In Entrepreneurship Is Good for Creativity

entreVersity writes: The entrepreneur’s ego is involved in the desire for success. Sometimes this means she/he HATES criticism in entrepreneurship. Although many of today’s entrepreneurs believe they are living on the edge of existence, constantly stirring within them is a strong desire to succeed in spite of the odds. Therefore, the entrepreneur rises up as a defiant person who creatively acts to deny any feelings of insignificance. The individual is driven to succeed and takes pride in demonstrating that success. Therein lie the seeds of possible destructiveness. –>> It’s unfair of these authors to say ” Aversion to criticism has significantly spread .… Read the rest

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Design thinking skills transference: Will design thinking strategies benefit students in other subjects?

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Design entrepreneurship teachers do not all come from the business disciplines; they can come from any discipline whose habits of mind lead them habitually to create value for others. These are the teachers who repeatedly help students solve their ‘wicked’ problems. DT teachers use new and different formative and summative approaches to assessment. They all are concerned about design thinking skills transference

But do these techniques transfer to other disciplines and other areas of student learning–like mathematics? Does DT transfer to other parts of school, to museum learning, and to civil learning?

If you have access to journals, go to Chin, Doris B., Kristen P.… Read the rest

Want to Accomplish Your Own Moonshot? Look to These ‘Apollo 11’ Lessons

Want to Accomplish Your Own Moonshot? Look to These

These 3 strategies used by NASA and its astronauts can help modern-day entrepreneurs make giant leaps of their own. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

What do you call a far-reaching goal that seems impossible to attain? Had you lived 50 years ago and answered that same question, you might have used the same term we use today: moonshot.

In fact, half a century ago, that word came into vogue as America diligently worked toward not just safely putting a man on the moon but bringing him home in one piece. This week, we’re observing the 50th anniversary […]

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Los emprendedores frente a lo desconocido

Abrochen sus cinturones. Estás en una montaña rusa. Este libro comienza con una información alarmante y usted puede preguntarse lo que significa para los emprendedores.

Star Jet roller coaster after Hurricane Sandy
La obra maestra del empresario de la montaña rusa Carl Miler, destruida por el aumento del nivel del mar después del calentamiento global inducido por el huracán Sandy (EE. UU.)

Vamos a empezar por mirar uno de las montañas rusas de estados unidos creadas por empresarios, Carl Miler y su brillante idea que le hizo millones – la montaña rusa de portátil. Relató:

El mercado de montañas rusas es una empresa financiera bastante aventurada; Supongo que la cosa es un fracaso, ¿qué haces con él?

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Image credit: Mein Deal on Unsplash.

How to use design thinking to build the next Amazon

Image credit: Mein Deal on Unsplash.

CNN recently called Amazon “the most valuable company on the planet”. A big part of the goliath’s success comes down to design thinking and founder Jeff Bezos’s insistence on an empty chair. Image credit: Mein Deal on Unsplash. Bezos’s legendary empty chair is present in every meeting. It represents the customer. Whatever Amazon says or does must always be to its customers’ benefit. From an aesthetic point of view, Amazon’s website is neither simple nor beautiful – two things we expect of good design. Instead, it focuses on the simplicity of experience, guided by customer empathy. It’s phenomenal to […]

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