Entrepreneurial ecocide

For thousands of years, entrepreneurs have raped and pillaged the environment with impunity. Today we might call it entrepreneurial ecocide, namely large-scale environmentally catastrophic business activities by an entrepreneur. Ecocide is also a term for killing a species in an ecosystem to disrupt its structure and function. However, it has only recently been classified as a crime. For centuries people admired the entrepreneurial spirit that launched such ecocidal industries as whaling, the felling of indigenous forests, and the harvesting of coral reefs. In New Zealand, both Europeans and Indigenous Polynesians, the Māori, carried out mass exterminations of species in the name of enterprise.… Read the rest

Criminal entrepreneurs in Australia

Just as social and business entrepreneurs share many personality traits there are many of those traits that they share with criminal entrepreneurs. These people have to be excellent risk managers and information managers. They are future-oriented organisation builders. Like business entrepreneurs, they are continually working the edge or the margin.

In Australia, the word entrepreneur once had a very bad connotation.  Back in the 1980s, it all looked so easy, the way the Aussie business magazines told it. The answer was simple. Australia’s ideal was the high-flying entrepreneur – not in the sense of a risk taker developing a new enterprise, but more as a corporate predator making money from shuffling paper assets.… Read the rest

Jihadist norm entrepreneurship: Ibrahim’s great idea

Warning:  This article may offend sensibilities because it deals with jihadist norm entrepreneurship.  Obviously, this is a fantasy teaching case to make a point.

What is norm entrepreneurship?

A small literature has emerged on norm entrepreneurship.  Norm entrepreneurs seek to change social norms.  If they are successful, they can cause ‘norm bandwagons’ and ‘norm cascades’.  Norm entrepreneurs are the central actors during the first stage in the life cycle of a norm, the norm emergence.  Just think of Princess Diana’s campaign to eliminate landmines.  Or Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s campaigns to overthrow racial oppression in America. [i]

Al-Bagdadi is a gifted orator and ‘norm entrepreneur’

Ibrahim al-Badr was studying religion and education at the University of Baghdad when he had a brilliant idea.  He had been reading about how norm entrepreneurs are necessary precursors to revolutionary change.  He had been particularly impressed with a noted Stanford University psychology professor who said that “human beings are capable of totally abandoning their humanity for a mindless ideology, to follow and then exceed the orders of charismatic authorities to destroy everyone they label as “the enemy”.  Ibrahim wanted to become that charismatic authority. 

Islamic fighters use extreme violence to change social norms.
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