The grandfather of geoengineering entrepreneurship: Russ George Ocean Hacker

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Geoengineering has been much in the news lately as our Planet struggles with the Climate Crisis.  Climate-change skeptics, politicians, and some environmentalists hate the idea, but one pioneering entrepreneur saw huge opportunities.[1] 

Russ George image
Russ George restoring Haida ocean pasture summer 2012

More than ten years ago, Russ George, ‘geoengineering entrepreneur’, decided to take the planet’s rescue into his own hands.  He is best known for his firm San Francisco-based start-up Planktos Inc., which claims to ‘restore ecosystems and slow climate change [by] removing CO2 from our oceans and atmosphere by healing the seas, growing new climate forests, and erasing carbon footprints’.  His mantra: ‘Save the world and make a little money on the side’.… Read the rest