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Thursday, Aug 22, 2019
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New Hampshire Speed Venture Pitch Contest September 26

@PlymouthState has some great venture ideas. I know because I have seen many of them in Freshman Seminar and in my Entrepreneurship classes. Finally, we are getting the attention and support that entrepreneurs crave through PSU’s university-based entrepreneurship ecosystem. @PlymouthState.Enactus student entrepreneurship club even won the President’s award this year! Continue Reading

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Experiential Entrepreneurship Training: How it Benefits All Students

entreVersity writes: Matt Gibson is the Director of Educational Programs at the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. More of Gibson’s experiential entrepreneurship exercises and assessments are available here.  Gibson explains Michigan’s best practice in helping students with self-discovery through entrepreneurship by sparking new ideas, learning by doing and Hands-On Entrepreneurial Experience. Continue Reading

Return on investment

Return on Investment from Design Thinking Can Be Huge –Forrester

entreVersity writes: Design Thinkers often confront a skeptical management. So Forrester created a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) model to empower design thinking practitioners with the tools and vernacular needed to quantify their efforts as well as to form a compelling business case for the practice. The synthesized results project a Continue Reading

Why Criticism In Entrepreneurship Is Good for Creativity

entreVersity writes: The entrepreneur’s ego is involved in the desire for success. Sometimes this means she/he HATES criticism in entrepreneurship. Although many of today’s entrepreneurs believe they are living on the edge of existence, constantly stirring within them is a strong desire to succeed in spite of the odds. Therefore, Continue Reading

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Design thinking skills transference: Will design thinking strategies benefit students in other subjects?

View source article Design entrepreneurship teachers do not all come from the business disciplines; they can come from any discipline whose habits of mind lead them habitually to create value for others. These are the teachers who repeatedly help students solve their ‘wicked’ problems. DT teachers use new and Continue Reading


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