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Benjamin Boyd, Australian buccaneer entrepreneur, eaten by cannibals

Australia’s history is full of famous entrepreneurs who worked for good or evil. The following is the colorful story of Benjamin Boyd, Australia’s nineteenth-century originator of the get-rich-quick scheme. He was certainly not the first in a long list of Australian Criminal Entrepreneurs and opportunists.   Also available is the Wikipedia Continue Reading

3D manufacturing

End of Home Depot? 3D printing as a disruptive business model

Because of its economics of scale and elimination of complexity, additive manufacturing (AM), for example with 3D printing, allow us cheaply and quickly to iterate our design ideas into repeated forms to validate the product-solution fit, even to customize products down to user/market of one customer. We can go through Continue Reading


Use case: Social ethnodroids for pretotyping in language learning

In this two-part essay, in Using Pretotype vs Prototype in hypothesis-based entrepreneurship, we first introduced the concepts of pretotyping and hypothesis-driven entrepreneurship.  In the second part, we are going to apply this approach to pretotyping in language learning using an ethnographic robot called a social ethnodroid. See also another pretotyping Continue Reading


Using Pretotype vs Prototype in hypothesis-based entrepreneurship

In this two-part  essay, we first cover the concepts of pretotype vs prototype and hypothesis-based entrepreneurship.  In the second part, Use case: Social ethnodroids for pretotyping in language learning, we are going to apply this approach to the design of children’s language learning toys using an ethnographic robot called a Continue Reading


Empathic mindset: Key to design entrepreneurship

Elsewhere we have discussed the mind of the design entrepreneur. The designerly mindset is based foremost on empathy, namely, the ability to put yourself into your customer’s/client’s/stakeholder’s shoes to understand problems from their perspective. A key trait of design entrepreneurs is cultivating the empathic mindset. When you can do this, Continue Reading

Wicked Problems

Solving the world’s wicked problems using design thinking: BBC video

You too can create brilliant solutions to make the world a better place.  You can help ease problems like climate change because, as entrepreneurs, you recognize opportunities where others see chaos or confusion. You could well be the saviors of our planet and reap commercial success at the same time.  Continue Reading

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