Wicked Problems

Solving the world’s wicked problems using design thinking: BBC video

You too can create brilliant solutions to make the world a better place.  You can help ease problems like climate change because, as entrepreneurs, you recognize opportunities where others see chaos or confusion. You could well be the saviors of our planet and reap commercial success at the same time.  Continue Reading

Design thinking - Problem solving

Use Case: What needs does the iPod toilet roll holder satisfy?

The iPod toilet roll holder was one of the hot gadgets from bimbambanana.com during the 2006 Christmas season. ‘Now you can bring your iPod everywhere – and we mean everywhere!’ It was actually a high-tech toilet paper dispenser with a built-in iPod docking station. ‘Listen to your favourite music on Continue Reading

Thoughts and Design

Anticipatory design science and entrepreneurial opportunity

Using design entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs listen to and empathize with customer pains and then generate solutions using the materials and resources at hand. [i]  This is what Buckminster Fuller , designer of the first geodetic sphere, called anticipatory design science, which aligns the human species with the design of our environment. Continue Reading


Ready to be famous. Take this entrepreneurship quiz

Are you ready to be famous? Before making the final decision about going into business, a prospective entrepreneur needs to ask a number of personal questions. Take this entrepreneurship quiz. Ten of the most important ones are listed here. As you read, mark the response that best describes you. Complete Continue Reading

Nordstrom Innovation Lab Youtube image

Hypothesis-driven: Nordstrom’s ‘flash build’ for app development

Here’s an oldie but very goodie about rapid experimentation, rapid prototyping, and validated learning. Useful when considering your hypothesis-driven entrepreneurship. Watch the video then read the short text and answer the review questions. ‘Nordstrom Innovation Lab: Sunglass iPad App Case Study’ Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury department stores Continue Reading


The Emergence of Biosphere Entrepreneurship

Abstract This theoretical article combines entrepreneurship, economics and sustainability to build a new theory of biosphere entrepreneurship.  Going beyond business and social entrepreneurship — which add value to private and community domains, respectively — biosphere entrepreneurship adds value to the biosphere and ecosystem services.  The purpose of this article is Continue Reading

Social entrepreneurs

Born-global social entrepreneurs

Don’t think for a moment that global entrepreneurship is for the private sector only! Today, no government, company or group, working alone, can solve a major issue. They have to work together.  They are called ‘born global social entrepreneurs’. Ageing population, unemployment, mental illness, cutting carbon emissions: solutions to these Continue Reading

entreVersity | Design Entrepreneurship

Re-imagining education for entrepreneurs through #DesignEntrepreneurship


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