Born global as a lifestyle

A born-global business is a firm that has deliberately ventured overseas soon after their establishment (within two years).[i]  Thirty-five per cent of respondents to the 2017 Australian Business Foundation’s Born to be Global are ‘born global’ by this definition.[ii]

Born global as a lifestyle

Rod Cuthbert

Acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014 for $200m, ‘curated’ travel site Viator was founded in Sydney in 1995 by high school drop-out Rod Cuthbert.  ‘[I didn’t like] the American model of finishing high school, going straight to college, getting a degree, going to work for a large corporation . . . I just couldn’t be bothered taking exams in my final year of high school. I got a job operating a mainframe computer’.  In 1995, Cuthbert started a web development company with a friend where all of his initial clients were in the travel industry. The business model was easy:  ‘You just had to go into the lobby of your hotel and look at all the brochures on the rack’ and put them online.[iii]

Robert Mailler

Toowoomba-based Beeline Technologies (BT) began when a NSW farming family developed their own global positioning system (GPS) steering assist system.  In 1993, grower Mike Mailler challenged his mathematician and engineer son, Robert, to design and build a steering system that would drive his self-propelled sprayer in a straight line. He attributed a 40 per cent increase in production to the new system.  Now Canadian-located and Chinese-owned and in use in fifty-five countries, it has been re-branded Hemisphere GNSS.[iv]

Graeme Clark

In the mid-1960s, Graeme Clark began researching the possibility of a ‘bionic ear’, an electronic, implantable hearing device that implants in the cochlea, the inner ear. The focus of his research was to enable profoundly deaf people to hear speech.  Coclear Australia holds over two-thirds of the worldwide hearing implant market, with more than 250,000 people receiving one of Cochlear’s implants since 1982.[v]

John Wikstrom

Founded 20 years ago by John Wikstrom and Stuart Norris, Magic Memories started off taking photos of people riding Queenstown’s gondala in 1995. The business now offers tailored photography packages to the guests of 100-plus tourism attractions throughout Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and is aiming for annual turnover of $250 million by 2020.[vi]

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(unsplash-logoKeyur Hardas)

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