entreVersity writes: WEF says that by 2022 AI will destroy 75m jobs while at the same time creating 133m jobs. That’s real churn!! To keep their careers safe, our students have to master three career skills that robots cannot master: critical thinking, storytelling, and design thinking. These are precisely the skills in @PlymouthState ‘s new TIDE program: Transformative Innovation & Design Entrepreneurship. Ask better questions. Communicate like a human. Creativity driven by empathy. “No wonder design thinking is already one of the most in-demand job skills, even described by Microsoft as a key skill of the future,” says Darren Menabney of @GLOBIS_Insights #empathy #CriticalThinking #Robotics #designthinking

Skills currency—the idea that our skills must always be up to date—is a necessity for business professionals. Without the right mix of current and relevant skills, we cannot provide value to our employers and customers.

Training and upgrading have allowed professionals to keep their skills current in the past, but things are changing. In times of technological disruption (such as now), skills currency is more vital than ever. The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are already impacting how we work, and both the speed and size of that impact will accelerate in the decades ahead.

How might these disruptions impact […]

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