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‘Be famous for just one thing’: Paul Cave’s pursuit of opportunity and Sydney’s BridgeClimb

 It’s just like famous Harvard entrepreneurship professor Howard Stevenson once said, ‘Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled’.[i]

Our job is to enable our customers to make heroes of themselves — Paul Cave

BridgeClimb Sydney founder Paul Cave at opening of company’s new headquarters.

Using creative thought and determination, Paul Cave, founder and chairman of BridgeClimb, has created a $50 million business in just a few years, effectively monopolising an internationally famous Australian icon brand he doesn’t own, capitalising on huge advertising he doesn’t pay for, and sending a personally delivered word-of-mouth recommendation through one million customer heroes to arguably 100 million prospects around the world.… Read the rest

Wiggles at Wiggleworld

Top entertainers global business model

Wiggles at Wiggleworld
The Wiggles pursued a novel business model, in which children’s entertainment was made accessible to adults. To inform their undertaking, individual Wiggles obtained tertiary qualifications in early childhood development.

While still often perceived as just a music group, the successful Australian band known as ‘The Wiggles’ ( is born global entertainers business model success story. Its core business provides family entertainment through concerts, CDs, DVDs, television, toys, play centres, theme parks and online communities.

The Wiggles are active in New Zealand, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the US, Canada and Taiwan, and are considering additional markets in Asia and South America.… Read the rest

Born global as a lifestyle

Born global entrepreneurs

A born-global business is a firm that has deliberately ventured overseas soon after their establishment (within two years).[i]  Thirty-five per cent of respondents to the 2017 Australian Business Foundation’s Born to be Global are ‘born global’ by this definition.[ii]

Rod Cuthbert

Acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014 for $200m, ‘curated’ travel site Viator was founded in Sydney in 1995 by high school drop-out Rod Cuthbert.  ‘[I didn’t like] the American model of finishing high school, going straight to college, getting a degree, going to work for a large corporation . . . I just couldn’t be bothered taking exams in my final year of high school.… Read the rest

How to spot lucrative global opportunities

Big Apple Buddy business process
Here’s the innovative business process that Big Apple Buddy created.

In many countries, it is nearly impossible to get the latest products introduced in the US market until they ‘diffuse’ down.  One Australian couple spotted lucrative global opportunities delivering US-introduced (but not yet internationally introduced) products to customers wanting it all now.  Melbourne’s Phillis Chan and Ben Chaung picked up stakes from Melbourne and moved to consumerlandia, she leaving law and he his ops manager for Blue Apron.  Their friends back in Oz were constantly asking them ‘Can you get us’ this or that product and mail it.  They figured right that they were not the only people in the world who had friends that wanted things

In 2014, they launched Big Apple Buddy, a ‘shopping concierge’ service, helping customers across the globe get the latest laptop, smartwatch or gadget as soon as it is released in the US.  Shoppers fill out a form about their desired product and ask for a quote.… Read the rest

Export on typewriter

Top ways to become born global entrepreneurs

Recent research has shown changed attitudes towards this process. Today the focus is on small firms that begin exporting right from start-up. These are called ‘born global entrepreneurs’ and born again social entrepreneurs, who are exporters from the get-go.[1] Without the advent of global communications and transportation, they simply would not exist. Think of the giants Google and Facebook, which generated export revenues at impressive speed. Think also of the small entrepreneurs like Skype, that was acquired by eBay and then by Microsoft. Young entrepreneurs – especially those with a gap year or two under their belts – tend to move quickly towards international and global markets (see Top Ten Countries for Asia-Pacific entrepreneurs) where resources are more easily and widely available[2]

The economies with the most efficient trading environments allow traders to exchange information with customs agencies electronically.
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