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Design Jam tackles water safety in the Great Lakes

entreVersity writes: This is a great technique to empower students learning design through a “Design Jam” focused on water safety, in this instance, in the Great Lakes of Michigan. What is a design jam, exactly? Think of it as a mini think-tank; a space to collaborate and build solutions to Continue Reading

Pre-school for design thinking

Pre-school for design thinking teaches risk-taking

An exclusive pre-school for design thinking in Singapore, inspired by Silicon Valley, is promising to teach children skills to survive the digital age. The school’s six programs are each themed after career paths, for example, an engineer, an athlete, and a chef. The programs aim to teach children the skills Continue Reading


La Transferencia de México a EE.UU. de un Modelo Universitario de Educación Emprendedora

A Rising TIDE Lifts All Boats: The Making of an American Entrepreneurial University Inspired by the Model of the Monterrey Institute of Technology Resumen Este artículo se trata de la educación emprendedora. Este estudio de caso describe lo que sucedió cuando se implementó la pedagogía del emprendimiento del Tecnológico de Continue Reading


Design Thinking: Career Skills that Students Need to Thrive in the New Workplace

entreVersity writes: WEF says that by 2022 AI will destroy 75m jobs while at the same time creating 133m jobs. That’s real churn!! To keep their careers safe, our students have to master three career skills that robots cannot master: critical thinking, storytelling, and design thinking. These are precisely the Continue Reading

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Experiential Entrepreneurship Training: How it Benefits All Students

entreVersity writes: Matt Gibson is the Director of Educational Programs at the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. More of Gibson’s experiential entrepreneurship exercises and assessments are available here.  Gibson explains Michigan’s best practice in helping students with self-discovery through entrepreneurship by sparking new ideas, learning by doing and Hands-On Entrepreneurial Experience. Continue Reading

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Design thinking skills transference: Will design thinking strategies benefit students in other subjects?

View source article Design entrepreneurship teachers do not all come from the business disciplines; they can come from any discipline whose habits of mind lead them habitually to create value for others. These are the teachers who repeatedly help students solve their ‘wicked’ problems. DT teachers use new and Continue Reading

Want to Accomplish Your Own Moonshot? Look to These ‘Apollo 11’ Lessons

These 3 strategies used by NASA and its astronauts can help modern-day entrepreneurs make giant leaps of their own. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. What do you call a far-reaching goal that seems impossible to attain? Had you lived 50 years ago and answered that same question, Continue Reading

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Collaborative Design Thinking for schools, museums, and maker spaces

entreVersity writes: Here’s a challenge. Have you ever conducted Design Thinking with children, for example, in schools, museums, or maker spaces? What is in the mind of a child versus the mind of an adult design entrepreneur? This can be challenging due to children’s limited understanding of the design process Continue Reading

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Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019

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