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Buckminster Fuller
Buckminster Fuller, the first design thinker

entreVersity writes: How many of you designers are aware of the first design thinker? The 1960s was heralded as the ‘design science decade’ by the radical technologist Buckminster Fuller, who called for a ‘design science revolution’ based on science, technology, and rationalism to overcome the human and environmental problems that he believed could not be solved by politics and economics. He called it ‘anticipatory design science’, which he defined as human practice that would align men and women to the conscious design of our total environment, making Earth’s finite resources meet the needs of humanity without disrupting the ecological processes of the planet. Fuller said: ‘Humanity on Earth teeters on the threshold of revolution. It has to be success for all or none. If the revolution is a bloody one, humanity is through. The alternative is a design-science revolution. Fuller was the first person to use design thinking for planetary sustainability. His original 30-page article appears on Scribd below.   Sources: Fuller, Buckminister. “Eight Strategies for Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science | The Buckminster Fuller Institute.” Buckminster Fuller Institute (blog). Accessed December 2, 2017. https://www.bfi.org/design-science/primer/eight-strategies-comprehensive-anticipatory-design-science; Fuller, R. Buckminster. “A Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science.” In No More Secondhand God, Vol. 35. Southern Illinois University Press, 1963. https://www.scribd.com/doc/45729350/Fuller-No-More-Secondhand-God ;  Fuller, R. B. (1969). Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects for Humanity. (J. Snyder, Ed.) (1 edition). Baden: Lars Müller Publishers. Retrieved from http://www.nous.org.uk/UtOb.html

In 1950, Buckminster Fuller set up an outline for a course in Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science. In the linked page, the Fuller Institute presents highlights from Fuller’s syllabus outlining eight components of the course. The name of the theory explains this strategy: an INDUSTRIALLY REALIZABLE, COMPREHENSIVE, ANTICIPATORY DESIGN SCIENCE.

Click here to view original web page at http://www.bfi.org


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