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entreVersity is a social-media-driven information platform dedicated to re-imagining education for entrepreneurs through design-based enterprising mind-sets created and curated by entreVersity Founder Howard Frederick.

Human-centered design means serving real people; developing empathy with them; building as many possible solutions to their pains and frustrations as possible; testing low-resolutions pretotypes with them; and eventually implementing new solutions to improve their lives.

Design entrepreneurship is the approach to innovation that marries the core principles of design with best customer- or stakeholder-centric venture practice. Design thinking is the ultimate form of creative enterprise because it uses creativity and imagination to achieve breakthrough innovations that solve real problems and create value for actual people.

entreVersity Founder Howard Frederick

Dr Federico | Howard H Frederick S.
Professor of Entrepreneurship
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cluster
Plymouth State University, New Hampshire
E: [email protected] | M:+1 (603) 346-1534
Preferred pronouns: he/him/his
MSC 27, 17 High St., Plymouth, NH 03264 USA
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One thought on “Who is eV?”

  1. Absolutely outstanding idea. All entrepreneurs need a different learning method. I believe that the classic way of teaching is inappropriate, entrepreneurs need to go out there, do market reasearch, talk to possible customers and practice being empathetic. Not the classic sit in the classroom and do tests.

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