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entreVersity writes: This is a great technique to empower students learning design through a “Design Jam” focused on water safety, in this instance, in the Great Lakes of Michigan. What is a design jam, exactly? Think of it as a mini think-tank; a space to collaborate and build solutions to pressing social or business challenges. Design jams typically last between 2-3 hours to 2 days, and invoke the participation of students, entrepreneurs, designers, creative thinkers and the public community.  

The University of Michigan School of Information, in collaboration with the Problem Solving Initiative at the Law School and the College of Engineering’s Center for Socially Engaged Design, hosted a Multidisciplinary Design Jam Friday afternoon, inviting over 30 student participants to collaboratively envision new ideas for improving water safety in the Great Lakes.

Reporter, Alice Tracey Daily Staff. “Design Jam Tackles Water Safety in the Great Lakes.” The Michigan Daily. Accessed September 16, 2019.

Most of the groups focused on ways to better spread water safety information and make safety equipment more accessible. Ideas included a kids’ water safety mascot similar to Smokey the Bear, who represents fire safety; a safety sign connected to a push message and Amber Alert; a kids cereal box with information; a “Flip, Float, Follow” social media campaign and different methods of supplying safety kits and materials on beaches.

The groups built or drew small-scale prototypes of their ideas and pitched them to the stakeholders, then had ten minutes to refine their products. The groups then gave two-minute presentations to the room.

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