How much would you pay to study Design Thinking? You can pay over USD20,000 for a short course!

Provider Price location
HPI Academy 17.500,00 € Potsdam, Germany
DT Bootcamp 3.250,00 € Amsterdam, Netherlands
Design Thinking Coach 12.499,00 € Berlin, Germany
XDi 2.990,00 € Brussels, Belgium
Management Centre Europe 2.950,00 € Brussels, Belgium
Dark Horse 12.600,00 € Berlin, Germany
Design Thinkers Academy London 3.060,00 € 1-2 Silex St, London
Design Bootcamp 4.200,00 € Parisian Campus
Aalto University Executive Education 7.200,00 € Helsinki, Finland
NobleProg Luxembourg 3.600,00 € Luxembourg
MIT Management Executive Education $3,300 Cambridge, MA
Haufe Akademie 2.140,00 € Berlin, Germany
IESE Business School 5.065,00 € Barcelona (Spain)
Macquarie University 4.400,00 € Sydney, Australia
Stanford Business $12,600 Stanford, CA USA
Grenoble Ecole De Management 4.500,00 € Grenoble
Harvard Extension School Professional Development $2,850.00 Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.
Rotman School of Management, Toronto University $6,000.00 Rotman School of Management, Toronto, Ontario
McGill Executive Institute $1,995.00 McGill Executive Institute Montreal
AIM $895.00 Canberra, Australia
XDi 1.790,00 € Munich, Germany
Agile Academy 1.100,00 € Cologne, Germany
Antwerp Management School 2.600,00 € Antwerp, Belgium
The Design Gym $1,350.00 New York, NY
Melbourne Business School $3,050.00 Melbourne, Australia
PDD 1.450,00 € London
StrengthScape 970,00 €..................... Bangalore

Leading world expert in Entrepreneurship Education. Have coached 1000s. Design Thinking trainer. Greater Boston Area and Guadalajara, México


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