Design to Empower the Female Farmers of India

entreVersity writes: This is an amazing story. The author travels deep into India to meet women whose livelihood depends solar conductor dryers (SCDs) from S4S Technologies. Solar dryers work with everything from drying flowers for perfume, all tuber crops like ginger, even to make potato or banana chips.  But who were the customers? Smart machines, yes, but who was buying them? It turned out they are women at the bottom of the pyramid. Factor[e] Ventures. “Design to Empower the Female Farmers of India.” Core77. Accessed September 16, 2019.

… designing for the base of the pyramid (BoP) requires an especially focused approach. . . . my work for Factor[e] has required me to go out into the field and not only get to know the entrepreneurs we support, but also profoundly understand their end consumers . . . This is exactly how I found myself on an 8-hour journey in the back of an SUV drudging through the rugged, unpaved roads of central Maharashtra, India with our portfolio company, S4S Technologies (S4S) to meet with local farmers

It wasn’t long before it became clear to me that designing for this type of consumer would require a whole new approach. The farmers we met with were typically earning an average of R15k (around US$220) per acre per year. Often times, that income has to sustain them and their families for up to an entire year.

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