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entreversity writes: This article is an amazing trip into the futurology of entrepreneurship by Naveen Jain, founder of Moon Express. Later this year, Moon Express, a private entrepreneurial venture, will land on the moon — the first private company ever to do so. To date, only superpower nation-states have accomplished a moon landing. Does that make entrepreneurs the next superpower? Will entrepreneurs settle the moon?

Naveen Jain writes: We’re at an inflection point in history where innovation is solving many of the world’s problems. And it’s the entrepreneurs, not nation-states, that are poised to be the future’s superpowers.

Education, space exploration, health care and renewable energy were issues once tackled by nations. Now, it’s entrepreneurs. Just as Uber is impacting notions of driving and Udacity has liberated education from location constraints, entrepreneurs are nimble and free to find solutions in ways that governments can’t.

We are presently in the fledgling stages of a fourth industrial revolution. By 2050 I believe that innovations just being discovered today will utterly transform the Earth and beyond.

As a species, we have always feared the worst, but let me assure you that we are living in the most innovative time in human history. There is only hope ahead.

Jain, N. (2019, August 24). Would Entrepreneurs be the next Superpowers? Retrieved August 25, 2019, from Times of India Blog website:

View source article at Would Entrepreneurs be the next Superpowers?

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