“To Engineer is to Create Skilfully”

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The whole essence of engineering education is to enable students to create solutions for complex technical problems. But the model being followed in most educational set-ups in India focusses more intensively on teaching just the principles and not their application. Such a way of education, which promotes the ‘Chalk and Talk Model’, trains students to ceaselessly gulp all the information, but nowhere tests the student’s skill to apply the same in a real-world scenario. When such graduates are dispersed into the job market, the mismatch between what the industry so desires and what the education system offers is realised. Such a mismatch handicaps the whole purpose of education which is, to enable individuals to make a living and be better human beings.

A place where almost all the educational set-ups lack is fostering entrepreneurial culture within the academic set-up. Our education system has always encouraged students to get placed and never to innovate, and start-up. Education should be liberating and not constraining, and such an approach puts barriers in the learning process. Hence, entrepreneurial guidance to identify and pursue innovative ideas, in sync with industry standards pushes the growth graph of the students beyond the academic boundaries and proves to be an essential part of their education.

Prasheel Suryavanshi is a Vice-Chancellor of Avantika University, Ujjain.


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