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 See also. Magazine, I. Q. “The Ideation and Prototyping Process.” Medium, May 26, 2020.

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Every year, our organization Emory Entrepreneurship & Venture Management (EEVM) hosts HackATL, the most prominent business hackathon in the Southeast. This article details key aspects of the hackathon process- how to ideate and prototype.

Ideation typically occurs after a problem is identified. In the traditionally used Design Thinking Process, ideation occurs after one researches and connects with a problem. This is a time to connect passion with practicality and catalyze one’s interests into a wide range of solutions. Ideation is all about thinking big, asking the right questions, culminating perspectives, and uncovering undiscovered areas of thought.

After ideation, the prototyping phase takes place, where the implementation of your ideas starts to develop.. Now that an abundance of ideas and possible solutions have been created in ideation, you can now test the ideas and put them in action. This is a time where ideas become more concrete and therefore, comparable and testable. In this phase, people typically create an early stage, inexpensive form of their innovation. This is highly variable as well, prototypes could be a wireframe of a website or app, detailed sketches, or even real models.

Prototypes can vary in terms of their extensiveness but the main goal of creating these examples is allowing for evaluation and testing. After this testing, you can then alter the prototypes so they are more effective, practical, and well-received by the target demographic. Now, I should clarify that while ideation is extremely important, ideation is not equivalent to innovation as a whole.


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