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Albert Shum, CVP of design at Microsoft: [We need a] critical design rethinking that brings [new] conceptual frameworks into our pedagogical standards.

Shum, A. (2020, January 10). It’s time for the design industry to redesign itself. Fast Company.

Neuroscience: Digital design holds intrinsic implications for habit formation, focus, and attention. Learning more about these neural pathways is critical to curbing faulty design.

Economic theory: The definition of capitalism itself is evolving, driven by technology, the future of work, and the rise of automation. As designers, we take part in changing these systems, and we need to teach responsibility for their effects.

Privacy law: Understanding the global forces behind policies such as GDPR and the Right to be Forgotten informs future trends for data collection and customer trust.

Sustainability: Learning from the ecological challenges we’ve created serves as a blueprint for cognitive sustainability—using our resources responsibly and regulating for humane practices.

As we enter the next 100 years of design education, this is one perspective on where to take our current approach. If the industry has moved us from “less is more” to “more is more,” this is a call to define the next industrial revolution as something more meaningful. Exponential production is not a solution—we need to capitalize on learning more together.

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