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entreVersity writes: Matt Gibson is the Director of Educational Programs at the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. More of Gibson’s experiential entrepreneurship exercises and assessments are available here.  Gibson explains Michigan’s best practice in helping students with self-discovery through entrepreneurship by sparking new ideas, learning by doing and Hands-On Entrepreneurial Experience. They help students find their own personal entrepreneurship ecosystem. Can you apply design thinking to the ‘wicked problem’ of designing your own life? Yes, you can. After all, design thinking starts with re-framing how you view yourself in the world. If you have tried one type of life, and it doesn’t work for you, maybe you are trying to solve the wrong problem. Very inspirational article!

Gibson, Matt. “Experiential Entrepreneurship Training: How It Benefits All Students.” VentureWell (blog), May 30, 2017. https://venturewell.org/experiential-entrepreneurship-training/.

At the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship , we don’t teach students the skills of experiential entrepreneurship just so that they can launch new ventures. . . we use venture creation as the vehicle to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skill set, which will serve them in their future projects, their careers, and — for some of them — their startups. You can never learn to swim by sitting through lectures on swimming. The same holds true for entrepreneurship; it’s best learned through experience. The experience of creating and capturing value — one of the most fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship — can be transformative. That transformation into entrepreneurial thinkers and doers is the reason why experiential entrepreneurship education is so valuable for our students.

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