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entreVersity writes: This article is brilliant because it dives off a segment of ‘Mad Men’ where Don Draper brilliantly names the ‘Carousel’ slide projector for Kodak to show this is NOT the way a DT team works. It’s less ‘the genius with brilliant insight drop[ping] the solution ready-made into the business leader’s lap’ and more the product of a brilliant collaborative team. It draws upon the Value Proposition Canvas’s ‘Jobs to be Done’, be they Functional — accomplishing a task; Emotional — bolstering or assuaging a belief or feeling; Social — increasing relational connection or social standing. Customers don’t share a Demographic; they share Jobs to be Done. These Jobs get transformed into Customer Journey Maps.

Berbaum, Simone. “Getting Started with Design Thinking: 6 Design Thinking Mindsets & Practices for Beginners.” Accessed June 21, 2019.

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