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Corona Virus Business Word Cloud

Whoever is behind Citi Small Business has their head screwed on right!  The author takes an evidence-based approach to entrepreneurship and design.  Relying on evidence to reinvent your business improves business success. They make reference to the leaders in the field:  Discovery Driven Planning, pioneered by Rita McGrath[i]; the Lean Startup Method, crisply described by Ash Maurya[ii]; and Design Thinking, first articulated by David Kelley.[iii]

Business has changed, perhaps forever, due to the coronavirus. To start, let’s admit the obvious disruptions to existing businesses: supply chains are missing a link; company owners have little cash on hand; employees are eager but scared; consumer confidence is low except for staple products and services; and consumer habits have shifted to online-only channels.

After business managers have made immediate decisions to reduce cash burn, you have a lull during self-isolation to contemplate what the future might hold. Once we emerge from this crisis, entrepreneurs must re-invent or pivot their product offerings to survive in the post-coronavirus economy used evidence-based scientific methods.  We call it Hypothesis-Based Entrepreneurship.  In the future, we have to re-state each of our basic assumptions as a testable hypothesis .

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