Bill to To establish a new Directorate for Technology

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Kao, John. “Wake Up America! Our Innovation Agenda Needs A Tune Up. The Endless Frontier Act Tells Us How.” Forbes. Accessed June 6, 2020.–the-endless-frontier-act-tells-us-how/.

View source article at Wake Up America! Our Innovation Agenda Needs A Tune Up. The Endless Frontier Act Tells Us How.

American innovation is deep in the red zone. We currently lack a national strategy to guide us and our innovation base is eroding. Federal funding for scientific research has declined along with respect for the value of science. Domestic opportunities for young scientists have narrowed. Our traditional leadership role in the world has given way to a kind of innovation isolationism as we shed a variety of international collaborations. Our current posture regarding immigration curtails the traditional supply of upwardly mobile talent looking to align with the American dream. And our national agenda regarding artificial intelligence and data science simply cannot compare at the moment with the cohesive and well-funded national program that is on display in China. FANG valuations and legions of digital millionaires in the San Francisco Bay Area are newsworthy, but do not add up to a national agenda for innovation.

Enter the Endless Frontier Act, a $100 billion bipartisan bill now being put forth in Congress at a historically resonant time. It was 75 years ago that science policy. Of course, passing some version of the Endless Frontier Act will be the result of negotiation and the political process that lies ahead. But it already has the potential to steer us in the right direction to be the best “ Innovation Nation” of which we are capable.



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