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entreVersity writes: The newest opportunities for entrepreneurs are in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things IoT, and Development and Operations DevOps tools. This article describes the IBM Garage Method for Cloud course. IBM also rolled out nine-lesson course on Team Essentials for AI. The company notes that the first of five levels can be availed by individuals free of cost through Jul 31. Post the date, the course will be a part of the company’s comprehensive Enterprise Design Thinking core curriculum, which is priced at $300 for a year. The course is similar to my own Chapter on Design Thinking for Venture Start-ups in Entrepreneurship Theory Process Practice

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International Business Machines Corporation IBM recently announced that IBM Garage is enabling approximately 500 enterprises to implement robust business transforming strategies. Notably, IBM Garage leverages AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, DevOps tools and robust cognitive capabilities to provide clientele with end-to-end workflows. The customized workflows are steps that the companies need to follow which will eventually lead to the final business growth outcome. Moreover, IBM Garage Methodology is based on Enterprise Design Thinking. Further, IBM Garage enables access to IBM Research via latest Innovation Hub. This enables clientele to utilize the rich library of IBM’s innovative offerings to fulfill their respective business goals.

IBM Garage Method
The Explore the Garage Method for Cloud course introduces the innovative practices that your teams can use to transform the way you work.

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