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In front of the Greek goddess Gaia. James Lovelock, scientist and author best known for the Gaia hypothesis. Photograph taken in 2005 by Bruno Comby of Association of Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy. Original at Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license versions 2.5, 2.0, and 1.0.

entreVersity writes:  Jamie Lovelock turns 100. He is the inspiration for many entrepreneurs who would rather create the conditions to continue and enhance Earth’s life-support services, rather than exploit and plunder the planet unsustainably.  You won’t find it in Google (yet), but let’s talk about a far-out concept – gaiapreneurship. Gaia was the Greek Goddess of Earth, nourisher of all life forms. Jamie Lovelock’s ‘Gaia hypothesis’ was originally proposed in an article in Nature in 1965.98 Now increasingly validated and called a theory, this notion is that life does not merely react and adjust to changing conditions; it also acts systematically and collectively to positively shape conditions to its own advantage. Gaia identifies toxic carbon dioxide, pumps it out of the atmosphere and sequesters it in plants and underground. Join us in celebrating Jamie’s century!! Be sure to see other articles on biosphere entrepreneurship: Climate change entrepreneurship as if the planet mattered , Entrepreneurial ecocide , and The grandfather of geoengineering entrepreneurship: Russ George Ocean Hacker .

Forty years ago James Lovelock published his book ‘Gaia: a New Look at Life on Earth’, setting forth his hypothesis that all life on Earth is part of a co-evolved system that maintains the planet as an environment hospitable to abundant life. Today his approach is known as ‘Earth System Science’, and is central to our understanding of how the planet works. But back in 1979, he already had a warning for us.
“If…man encroaches upon Gaia’s functional powers to such an extent that he disables her, he would then wake up one day to find that he had the permanent lifelong job of planetary maintenance engineer….”
“Then at last we should be riding that strange contraption, ‘the spaceship Earth’, and whatever tamed and domesticated biosphere remained would indeed be our ‘life support system’. [We would face] the final choice of permanent enslavement on the prison hulk of the spaceship Earth, or gigadeaths to enable the survivors to restore a Gaian world.”

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((Chris Nas/ CC BY SA 4.0 )

((Chris Nas/ CC BY SA 4.0 )

(By The original uploader was Bruno Comby at English Wikipedia. - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., CC BY-SA 1.0,

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