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Austin, B. (2020, January 16). Lean Startup, Agile Project Management and how to be in the 10% of startups that succeed. Medium.

Bethany Austin, writing in Medium, says most start-ups imagine this pathway:

  1. The startup comes up with an idea
  2. They create a prototype
  3. They raise capital for that product or service
  4. They launch

But the “build order” is all wrong, says Austin. There are six other steps that most entrepreneurs skip over:

  1. The startup comes up with an idea
  2. The startup conducts research for breadth to understand the user and context their product or service exists within
  3. The startup conducts research for depth to better understand and empathise with their users
  4. The idea is tested with potential users
  5. The startup creates a prototype
  6. This is again tests this with users
  7. There is an iterative design process based on this feedback
  8. The updated design is refined and tested again
  9. Capital is raised
  10. The product or service is launched

Agile project management is a “modern, flexible approach to project management. It allows you to break large projects down into more manageable tasks, which are tackled in short iterations or sprints.” 


Lean Startup and Agile Project Management are not two methodologies to be used separately. Instead, they feed into and compliment each other to allow startups to create the best possible product, in the most efficient and effective way. Whilst lean startup turns solution ideas into business models tested with real people, agile allows you to reassess and adapt these plans going forward

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