The Emergence of Biosphere Entrepreneurship

Abstract This theoretical article combines entrepreneurship, economics and sustainability to build a new theory of biosphere entrepreneurship.  Going beyond business and social entrepreneurship — which add value to private and community domains, respectively — biosphere entrepreneurship adds value to the biosphere and ecosystem services.  The purpose of this article is Continue Reading

Design to Empower the Female Farmers of India

Design Thinking Use Cases: Design for the Bottom of the Pyramid

entreVersity writes: This is an amazing story. The author travels deep into India to meet women whose livelihood depends solar conductor dryers (SCDs) from S4S Technologies. Solar dryers work with everything from drying flowers for perfume, all tuber crops like ginger, even to make potato or banana chips.  But who Continue Reading

CupClub Concept

Design Thinking Use Cases: Cradle to cradle coffee cups

entreversity writes: In the new Theory of Biosphere Entrepreneurship, McDonough and Braungart (see figure below) envision a world without waste, a world without poisons and a world in which all materials are continuously recycled. Cradle-to-cradle suggests that entrepreneurs must protect and enrich ecosystems, making them not just efficient but essentially Continue Reading

Pre-school for design thinking

Pre-school for design thinking teaches risk-taking

An exclusive pre-school for design thinking in Singapore, inspired by Silicon Valley, is promising to teach children skills to survive the digital age. The school’s six programs are each themed after career paths, for example, an engineer, an athlete, and a chef. The programs aim to teach children the skills Continue Reading

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