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Design thinking skills transference: Will design thinking strategies benefit students in other subjects?

View source article Design entrepreneurship teachers do not all come from the business disciplines; they can come from any discipline whose habits of mind lead them habitually to create value for others. These are the teachers who repeatedly help students solve their ‘wicked’ problems. DT teachers use new and Continue Reading

Want to Accomplish Your Own Moonshot? Look to These ‘Apollo 11’ Lessons

These 3 strategies used by NASA and its astronauts can help modern-day entrepreneurs make giant leaps of their own. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. What do you call a far-reaching goal that seems impossible to attain? Had you lived 50 years ago and answered that same question, Continue Reading


Social intelligence: new report

entreVersity writes: Talkwalker & Social Intelligence Lab just published “The State of Social Intelligence”. Social Intelligence (SI) is the ability to successfully build relationships and navigate social environments (Golman, 2007). Design Thinking requires SI: subjective reasoning, imagination, negotiation, questioning, empathy, storytelling, design. Forget market research. SI is the 21st century Continue Reading

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Collaborative Design Thinking for schools, museums, and maker spaces

entreVersity writes: Here’s a challenge. Have you ever conducted Design Thinking with children, for example, in schools, museums, or maker spaces? What is in the mind of a child versus the mind of an adult design entrepreneur? This can be challenging due to children’s limited understanding of the design process Continue Reading


Cognitive Diversity is the DNA of Design Entrepreneurs

entreversity writes: One of the hottest topics in the research literature is entrepreneurial cognition: entrepreneurs actually think differently from other people. It is all about cognitive diversity within the mind of an entrepreneur. In science, cognition refers to mental processes, including attention, remembering, producing and understanding language, solving problems and Continue Reading


The grandfather of geoengineering entrepreneurship: Russ George Ocean Hacker

[See also my Climate change entrepreneurship as if the planet mattered ] Geoengineering has been much in the news lately as our Planet struggles with the Climate Crisis.  Climate-change skeptics, politicians, and some environmentalists hate the idea, but one pioneering entrepreneur saw huge opportunities.[1]  More than ten years ago, Russ Continue Reading


Testing Design Thinking in Problem Solving and Learning

Do design-thinking strategies improve student performance? A new study in design thinking education says yes. Students actually do apply DT strategies to new problems. Educators aim to equip students with learning strategies they can apply when approaching new problems on their own. Teaching design-thinking strategies may support this goal. A Continue Reading

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