How to spot lucrative global opportunities

Big Apple Buddy business process
Here’s the innovative business process that Big Apple Buddy created.

In many countries, it is nearly impossible to get the latest products introduced in the US market until they ‘diffuse’ down.  One Australian couple spotted lucrative global opportunities delivering US-introduced (but not yet internationally introduced) products to customers wanting it all now.  Melbourne’s Phillis Chan and Ben Chaung picked up stakes from Melbourne and moved to consumerlandia, she leaving law and he his ops manager for Blue Apron.  Their friends back in Oz were constantly asking them ‘Can you get us’ this or that product and mail it.  They figured right that they were not the only people in the world who had friends that wanted things

In 2014, they launched Big Apple Buddy, a ‘shopping concierge’ service, helping customers across the globe get the latest laptop, smartwatch or gadget as soon as it is released in the US.  Shoppers fill out a form about their desired product and ask for a quote.… Read the rest

Map of the Asia-Pacific countries \ Asia-Pacific entrepreneurs trends by country

Top ten countries for Asia-Pacific entrepreneurs

Map of the Asia-Pacific countries
Map of the Asia-Pacific countries

In these challenging times, entrepreneurs can take advantage of opportunities in the Asia– Pacific region. Every entrepreneur reading this book will one day be dealing afar and anear. Just consider the potential in the top Asian countries with combined populations of 2.5 billion.[2]  Add to that another 1.7 billion in South Asia, a whopping East Asia & Pacific GDP of $22 trillion[3] buying more than 65% of Australia’s exports.[4]  Two-thirds of the emerging middle class resides on Australia’s doorstep.[5]  With self-promotion and education, Asia-Pacific entrepreneurs    — even more so than entrepreneurs from Europe or America — are in a great position to leverage their skills and capitalise on a greater understanding of and insight into Asian cultures.… Read the rest