Creativity isn’t something that only a few are born with; everyone has their own creative spark.

PSU Success Factors
Success factors identified by PSU Board of Advisors — All soft skills

entreVersity writes: Where I work, the PSU Board of Advisors identified the success factors that student need in their undergraduate curriculum. You’ll notice that this august group did not mention creativity as the most important soft skill in the workplace. (We have an old-style Board!)

This curated article from Next Web reviews studies showing the benefits of the soft skill known as workplace creativity. The Next Web has been sharing, inventing and advancing tech developments since 2006.

What skills, abilities and mind-sets do our graduates need when they enter the workforce? from Dr HH Frederick on Vimeo.

As the technology evolves we’ll no longer need to deal with soul-sucking spreadsheets, hours of searching for just the right cat photo or combing through and compiling heaps of user data. And that’s just the beginning. These mindsets can help you solve problems through the lens of a design thinker, whether you’re using design thinking tools or not. 

Yet, according to latest research results, the number one soft skill companies want in 2019 is creativity. The designerly mindset is an extension of the enterprising mindset. Design thinking requires the empathic mindset, namely, the ability to put yourself into your customer’s/client’s/stakeholder’s shoes to understand problems from their perspective, to uncover their pains and problems (including some that they didn’t even know about), and to generate unexpected solutions (including ones that they had not thought of). ‘Empathic’ means having a sensitivity to other people’s emotions.

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